satellite ip67 long range iridium 2j6026b antenna screw mount 2j 2j antennas

AMC-ANT-2J6026B - Iridium screw mount antenna, 80x74mm

The AMC-ANT-2J6026B Iridium certified low profile antenna is the ideal solution for worldwide satellite devices such as voice and data communication in commercial, residential, emergency transportation markets, environmental monitoring, waste management, fleet tracking and other tracking and data control systems. This solution combines the advantages of low profile with low cost for massive deployment operations.

  •  Iridium:
    • 1616 - 1627MHz
  • Screw mount
  • Iridium certified
  • Low profile
  • High performance
  • Ground plane independent
  • Certificates: IP67
  • Dimensions: 80 x 74 x 16mm
  • Screw length options (THxx): 8.5mm, 19mm (default), 30mm
  • Customisable cable and connector

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