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UMFT600A-B - FT600Q development board with HSMC connector

The UMFT600A-B is an evaluation module with HSMC connector (for Altera® FPGA) for interfacing FTDI’s FT600Q USB 3.0 SuperSpeed IC with external hardware. The UMFT600A-B allows for bridging a 16-bit wide parallel FIFO bus to a USB3.0 host and evaluating the FT600 performance.

As a daughter card, this module must work with a FIFO master board which has either a FMC or HSMC connector. There are 4 models which provide different FIFO bus interfaces and data bit widths. The modules are designed such that they can plug into most FPGA development platforms supplied by vendors such as Xilinx® or Altera®.

UMFT600A-B features:

  • FTDI on-board IC: FT600Q-B
  • Data rates: 400MB/s
  • USB speed: SuperSpeed (5GBps)
  • Interfaces: Parallel
  • USB connector:  Micro B
  • I/O connector: HSMC
  • I/O voltage: 1.8V to 3.3V
  • Virtual COM port: No
  • Channels: 4
  • USB Class: FTDI Drivers


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