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EVK-MAYA-W2 - evaluation kits for MAYA-W2 Bluetooth & Wi-Fi modules

EVK-MAYA-W2 evaluation kits are ideal for assessing the performance and suitability of MAYA-W2 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules for your application.

  • Available in two variants: EVK-MAYA-W276 and EVK-MAYA-W271
  • Can be powered via USB or SDIO
  • Enables flashing over USB

The kit includes:

  • EVK-MAYA-W2 evaluation board
  • M.2 Key E adapter
  • Micro SD/SDIO adapter
  • Full-size SD/SDIO adapter
  • External antennas: Dual band Wi-Fi / Bluetooth antenna(s), Linx Technologies ANT-DB1-RAF-SMA
  • Type-C USB cable

The u-blox short range radio product overview is a great summary of the various technologies used in u-blox short range radio modules.

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