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ANT-B11 - Bluetooth 5.1 direction-finding antenna board

The u-blox ANT-B11 compact antenna board is intended for Bluetooth angle-of-arrival (AoA) direction finding systems and features three-patch antenna elements in an arrangement combining performance and small PCB size. The antenna board measures the angle of an incoming Bluetooth Low Energy radio signal and, depending on the orientation of the antenna board, determines the azimuth or elevation information of a Bluetooth LE device in an indoors environment with high accuracy.

ANT-B11 uses the NINA-B411 Bluetooth 5.1 standalone module running u-connectLocate - the unique u-blox direction-finding algorithm for high-precision positioning. The digital interfaces of the NINA-B411 module are connected to a standard, widely available pin header, allowing easy connection to an application board, thus forming a complete AoA anchor point.

  • Compact, three-element antenna array on a small PCB (29.5 x 93.5 mm)
  • Runs u-connectLocate embedded software for high-precision positioning
  • Outputs the final Azimuth or Elevation angle information,which is ready to use on application level
  • Bluetooth SIG compliant
  • Low power consumption

Read more about Bluetooth Indoor Positioning.

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