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ANT-B10 - Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 antenna board

The u-blox ANT-B10 is a compact antenna board designed specifically for Bluetooth Angle of Arrival (AoA) direction-finding systems.  It measures the angle of an incoming Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) radio signal with high accuracy, and in conjunction with at least two more ANT-B10 boards and positioning engine software, it can determine the precise position of a Bluetooth LE device in an indoor environment.

It utilises the NINA-B411 Bluetooth 5.1 standalone module, programmed with u-connectLocate software, which implements the unique u‑blox direction-finding algorithm. ANT-B10 includes a widely available standard pin header that provides a digital interface to the application board, thus forming a complete AoA anchor point. Alongside the EVB-ANT-1 development platform, the user can plug the two boards together and have an AoA anchor point within seconds.

  • Compact, eight-element antenna array
  • Embedded AoA calculation with u-connectLocate
  • Outputs final angles, ready to be used on application level
  • High immunity to multipath effects
  • Bluetooth 5.1 compliant

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