2j antennas ceramic satellite long range iridium 2jp0526b passive antenna screw mount 2j

AMC-ANT-2JP0526B - Iridium passive ceramic screw mount antenna, 36mm patch, 46x42mm PCB

The AMC-ANT-2JP0526B ceramic passive antenna has a screw-on feature for mounting on top of the Iridium 9602 module (not included), making it ideal for PCB device integration that requires a short distance between the receiver and the antenna. 

  • Iridium
    • 1616 – 1627MHz
  • Iridium certified
  • Socket antenna module technology
  • High performance
  • Patent pending
  • Screw-on feature for mounting on Iridium 9602 module
  • Ground plane independent
  • Dimensions: 46 x 42 x 7.8mm
  • Customisable cable and connector

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