AMC-ANT-2J0C15-868-C884G - 868MHz stubby antenna, 34mm high, R/A connector

This AMC-ANT-2J0C15-868-C884G 868MHz stubby antenna has a low profile and is ground plane dependent. It is optimised specifically for the ISM frequency bands of 863MHz to 870MHz in the European market and was developed for system installations such as industrial, scientific and medical applications. IoT applications can also take advantage of this system as it provides high throughput and is not limited to any transmission time.

This 868MHz stubby antenna provides an average range of 800 metres, subject to the application it is is being used with. It enables a stable connection through walls and transmission is not disturbed by obstacles such as human bodies.


  • LoRa/Sigfox/ZigBee/ISM
    • 863 - 870MHz
  • Low profile
  • Connector mount
  • Ground plane dependent
  • Dimensions: 34 x 19.1 x 9mm

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868MHz stubby antenna, connector mount, black, R/A SMA (m) connector (gold), 34mm(h) x 9mm(dia.). RoHS.


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