openPicus appoints Alpha Micro Components as UK value added reseller

“Flyport PRO is perfect for real time applications where the power is an issue. It has enough processing power to create almost any connected object.”

OpenPicus has appointed Alpha Micro Components, specialist in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and Internet of Things (IoT), as UK value added reseller for its new Flyport PRO range of systems on a module which offer designers of IoT devices instant WiFi, GPRS or Ethernet connectivity and the ability to fast track prototyping.  Proven to reduce time-to-market by as much as six months, the low cost low power Flyport Pro, measuring just 34 x 34mm, is ideal for applications such as energy meters, advanced light controllers, home automation, industrial automation, data loggers and IoT applications. It also offers hobbyists a truly professional alternative to Arduino and Raspberry pi card sized single board computers.

Certified and tested by thousands of customers worldwide, the new modules come with a range of sensors and associated libraries that can be purchased separately and used to measure temperature, temperature and humidity, light, water, moisture, gas (MQ5), electricity and colour. Actuators are also available including a barometer, magnetic switch, slide potentiometer, PIR motion and line finder.   A 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis digital compass, 3-axis digital gyro, RGB chainable LEDs, relay, RS232 adapter, 4 digit display, 128 x 64 Oled display and LED bar are also available.  A free integrated development environment (IDE), frameworks and APIs for engineers are also provided.

As Flyport PRO is an all in one certified system on a module a host processor is not required for the end product, so the certification costs are much lower. Each module, be it for Wi-Fi, GPRS or Ethernet connectivity, features the same pinout, allowing customers to create carrier boards that fit all designs.  The pins can be remapped and functions changed using just the software.

Developers keen to reduce energy usage can switch to microAmp power consumption with one simple command. The Wi-Fi and Ethernet versions have a customizable web server onboard and come with a full set of connectivity functions (HTTP, TCP, FTP, UDP, SNTP, SMTP). SSL secure connection is supported. A Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) option enables users to automatically upgrade products out in the market.

​Commenting on the new product line, Christos Papakyriacou, CEO, Alpha Micro Components, said, "​The Flyport PRO is a game changer for the IoT market.  Customers need no longer start from scratch or use devices with limited features such as AT-command based transceivers. Flyport PRO is perfect for real time applications where the power is an issue. It has enough processing power to create almost any connected object."

Concluding, Claudio Carnevali , CEO, Open Picus, said, "We are delighted to appoint Alpha Micro - as our valued UK reseller they have the expertise to ​present our innovative products to customers and support them throughout the development process."


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Last updated: 14 October 2019