NANO-S100 - Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) module for data-centric IoT applications

The u-blox NANO-S100 module is the first generation of u-blox RPMA® modules and is ideal for multiple applications across urban, suburban, below ground, and indoor environments, all on a single network.

The u-blox NANO-S100 module is the first generation of u-blox RPMA® modules. The LGA form factor and the industry standard 7-wire Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) allow for easy integration with various host processors. With -133 dBm sensitivity and with its secured design (meeting NERC CIP and industry mandated critical infrastructure requirements), the NANO-S100 module is ideal for applications across urban, suburban, below ground, and indoor environments, all on a single network.

Furthermore NANO-S100 offers unique advantages, such as a separate FOTA broadcast channel that can rapidly provide critical updates to millions of devices at the same time. The NANO-S100 module, with only 50 µW (typ.) power consumption in sleep mode, is designed for ultra-low power performance with more than 10 years of battery life. The end-to-end secure design ensures secure and confidential data transport, as well as secure authenticated device firmware upgrades.

RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) technology makes possible a wireless network that represents a breakthrough in wide-area communications for IoT and M2M applications. An RPMA network can cover thousands of miles (each Access Point can support 64 K devices), encompassing entire cities or countries while supporting millions of sensors. Operating in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz ISM band, the RPMA network features demonstrated 177 dB of link budget (FCC/IC) for superior connectivity delivering unprecedented range, capacity, robustness and low power consumption, even in the most demanding of environments.

The RPMA network includes:

  • Access Points communicating in a simple star topology with RPMA-enabled devices.
  • Back office software enabling network management and field area data visualization.
  • Device and back office integration enabled via industry standard interfaces.

Key features:

  • Ultra low power consumption yielding 10+ years battery life
  • Robust and reliable operation with QoS
  • Autonomous adaptation optimizes real world interference
  • Secure design that is NERC CIP compliant
  • Separate broadcast channel for rapid FOTA updates
  • Excellent extended range in buildings and underground
  • Global coverage with a single SKU

For sales and technical development support from our in-house engineering team, please contact the Alpha Micro team.

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Part No. Description Pack Size
u-blox NANO-S100 RPMA module, 2.4GHz
Trays of 24 modules
EVK-S10NANO-00C u-blox development kit for NANO-S100 Each

The EVK‑S10NANO evaluation kit provides a simple, flexible and ready‑to‑use environment for evaluating the u‑blox NANO‑S100 RPMA module, as well as for designing and testing of RPMA and GNSS applications. As an example host application processor, the kit includes a Freescale K20 host processor to control the NANO‑S100 module through the RPMA Radio Module API, offers application interfaces to connect with various sensors, and is suitable for low power consumption applications.  The kit is user‑friendly, providing a UART interface for development, testing and tracing.

EVK-S10NANOKit includes:

  • Evaluation board with a NANO‑S100 module, MAX‑M8 series GNSS, and Freescale K20 application processor
  • 1 UART to USB cable to connect with EVK application interface
  • 1 UART to USB cable for host serial interface
  • 5 V Power adapter
  • Quick start card

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Last updated: 14 March 2018