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Riverdi targets the market for innovative, high quality and cost-effective displays, constantly researching latest technologies and using their manufacturing experience to produce reliable and high quality displays.

The majority of Riverdi's products are manufactured in Europe to ensure highest quality standards, with some sub-components sourced from Asian. This combination allows them to use the latest glass technologies from Asian devlopers in a European manufacturing quality and control environment.

Riverdi have developed a high quality and cost efficient process for manufacturing TFT modules. In addition to their comprehensive line of standard TFT modules, they can add enhancements to customise their displays for special applications, including high brightness, low reflective or anti-glare cover layers, super hard Dragontrail or Gorilla Glass capacitive touch panels, O-Film (enhancing viewing angles) and special capacitive touch panels supporting very thick glass (up to 5mm) for the most demanding applications.

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Last updated: 9 September 2016