AX8052F151 - Ultra Low Power RF Microcontroller System-on-Chip IC

System-on-Chip ultra-low-power RF Microcontroller System-on-Chip IC  for the 400-470MHz and 800-940MHz bands

Universal short range wireless RF solution

The AX8052F151 is a complete universal RF-microcontroller for usage in the 400 - 470 MHz and 800 - 940 MHz bands. It offers high integration, small footprint, flexibility and ultra-low power consumption. The AX8052F151 is able to transmit and receive data rates of 1 - 600 kbps for ASK modulated data, 1 - 350 kbps for FSK modulated data and 10 - 600 kbps for PSK modulated data. With a sensitivity of -116  dBm for 1.2 kbps FSK and 15 dBm maximum output power at 868 MHz, the AX8052F151 offers an attractive link budget.

AX8052 microcontroller core

The AX8052F151 microcontroller core executes the industry standard 8052 instruction set. The system clock can be programmed freely from DC to 20 MHz. As instructions are executed in a single cycle, the core can deliver 20 MIPS. A 64 kByte flash memory is provided, allowing to program applications in C. A fully associative cache and a pre-fetch controller hide the latency of the flash memory.
AX8052F151 specifically targets ultra-low power applications. Four system clock sources can be selected on the fly, allowing to flexibly adapt the system speed to varying application needs. The core consumes 150 µA/MHz and AX5052F151 consumes 950 nA in sleep mode with wake-up timer running and with 256 Byte SRAM retention.

Powerful peripherals tailored to support SRD applications

The AX5052F151 features a dual channel DMA engine that can transfer data to and from XRAM to any peripheral on chip. A dedicated AES engine with its own DMA engine is provided for encryption. Further peripherals include three general purpose timers with optional sigma-delta output mode. The timers can be used as baud rate generators for the two UARTs. A master/slave SPI interface is provided. A 10-bit, 500 kSample/s ADC with flexible input modes, as well as comparators allow to interface with analog data streams.

Productivity enhancing complete development tool suite

A hardware debug unit considerably eases debugging compared to other 8052 microcontrollers. The debug unit communicates with a host PC running the debugger using a 3-wire interface.
AX8052F151 is supported by the AXSEM development kit DVK-2. This is a complete and flexible ready-to-go solution for easy testing, evaluation and development with AXSEM RF ICs. It is suited for real performance tests using professional lab equipment, as well as for application code development.  AXSEM offers both the AXGen2-RadioLab GUI as well as the advanced graphic integrated development environment AX8052-IDE together with the freely usable SDCC C-compiler to go with it.

Key Benefits

  • 64 kByte Flash and 8.25 kByte SRAM memory
  • 6 µA wake-on-radio current (duty cycled 1s, 100 kbps)
  • RF transceiver with 15 dBm TX power and -116 dBm sensitivity
  • DMA controller
  • AES engine and true random number generator 1
  • Advanced graphic Integrated Development Environment (IDE) complete with C-compiler
  • Hardware debug unit
    • No limit on breakpoints
    • Dedicated UART for debugging via debug link interface


Ultra-low Power AX8052 MCU

  • 1 cycle/instruction for many instructions
  • 64 kByte in-system programmable flash memory, 8.25 kByte SRAM
  • Code protection lock
  • 3-wire (1 dedicated, 2 shared) in-circuit debug interface
  • 3 16-bit timers with sigma-delta output capability
  • 2 16-bit wakeup timers
  • Watchdog timer
  • 2 input capture units to record timings of external signals
  • 2 output compare units for generating PWM signals
  • 2 UARTs
  • General purpose master/slave SPI
  • 2 channel DMA controller
  • Multi-megabit/s AES encryption/decryption with dedicated DMA and true random number generator 1
  • Ultra-low power 10 kHz/640 Hz wakeup oscillator, with automatic calibration against precise clock
  • Internal 20 MHz RC oscillator, with automatic calibration against precise clock
  • Optional low frequency tuning fork crystal oscillator for accurate time keeping
  • 10-bit 500 kSample/s analog-to-digital converter with temperature sensor and comparators

General Purpose RF-Transceiver

  • Wide variety of shaped modulations supported (ASK, PSK, MSK, FSK, GFSK)
  • Fully integrated RF frequency synthesizer with ultra-fast settling time for low power consumption
  • Digital RSSI
  • Automatic frequency control
  • Integrated RX/TX switch
  • Differential antenna pins
  • Support of synchronous and asynchronous communication systems

5 mm x 7 mm QFN40 package


  • Carrier frequency range 400 - 470 MHz and 800 - 940 MHz
  • Frequency step 1 Hz
  • Data rate RX&TX FSK 1 - 350 kpbs
  • Data rate RX&TX ASK 1 - 600 kpbs
  • Data rate RX&TX PSK 10 - 600 kpbs
  • XTAL typical frequency 16 MHz or 24 MHz
  • RSSI step 0.1 dB
  • Channel filter bandwidth 40 - 600 kHz

RX @ 868 MHz, 2 kbps, FSK h=8

  • Sensitivity (BER = 10-3) -116 dBm
  • RSSI range -116 ... -31 dB

TX @ 868 MHz

  • Output power programmable range -10 ... 15 dBm


  • Supply voltage range 2.2 ... 3.6 V
  • Operating temperature range -40 - 85 oC
  • RX current @ 868 MHz (LP mode) 17 mA
  • TX current @ 868 MHz, 10 dBm, FSK 28 mA
  • CPU active mode current 150 µA/MHz
  • Sleep mode current (256 Bytes RAM retention, wakeup from pin) 750 nA
  • Sleep mode current (256 Bytes RAM retention, wakeup timer) 950 nA
  • RX current (duty cycled 1s, 100 kbps) 6 µA


  • FCC Part 15.247
  • FCC Part 15.249
  • EN 300 220 wide band
  • Wireless M-Bus S/T Mode 868 MHz
  • EN 802.15.4
  • ARIB STD T-67
Part No. Description Pack Size
AX8052F151-2-TB05 SoC ultra-low-power RF Microcontroller IC  for the 400-470MHz & 800-940MHz bands, 40-pin QFN, 5mm x 7mm Reel of 500
AX8052F151-2-TX30 SoC ultra-low-power RF Microcontroller IC  for the 400-470MHz & 800-940MHz bands, 40-pin QFN, 5mm x 7mm Reel of 3000

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