AX5043 - Narrow-band, Ultra Low Power RF Transceiver IC

The AX5043 is a true single chip narrow-band RF transceiver for the 70MHz to 1050MHz frequency bands.

RF solution for narrow-band multi-channel operation in licensed and unlicensed bands

The AX5043 is a true single chip narrow-band RF transceiver for the 70MHz to 1050MHz frequency bands. It offers the unique combination of ultra-low power consumption for transmit and receive operation combined with highest sensitivity and high selectivity. A link budget of 143dB is achieved, if the built-in forward error correction (FEC) is used this can be extended to 146dB without extra external components. Though a TCXO is recommended for such operation, the AX5043 can also be operated with a normal XTAL if the necessary precautions are taken into account.

Designed for low power and direct battery operation

An integrated voltage regulation system allows the direct use of batteries and short start-up times enable time- and energy-efficient protocols. The transmit power varies no more than 1dB over the supply voltage range of 1.8 - 3.6V. This makes the AX5043 ideal for battery powered portable applications. AX5043 features a lowest power wake-up clock and timer, which typically cousme 500nA, allowing it to autonomously handle wake-on-radio cycling.

Advanced receiver, transmitter and radio controller

The AX5043 supports FSK, MSK, 4-FSK, GFSK, GMSK, AFSK and ASK modulations. In transmit mode all modulations are shaped. For FSK gaussian filtes with BT=0.3 or BT=0.5 are available to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. Power ramping can be configured without restrictions. Maximum output power levels are 16dBm at 868MHz and 20dBm at 70MHz carrier frequency. The configurable packet engine supports a wide range of packet formats that are handled without microcontroller intervention.

Key Features:

  • 9.5mA RX current, -126dBm sensitivity, 45dB adjacent channel rejection 
    @ 1.2kbps/6.25kHz channel BW/868MHz/FSK
  • Ultra-low power without sacrificing link budget or selectivity
  • Carrier frequency 70 - 1050MHz
  • Constant TX output power over the full VDD range of 1.8 - 3.6V
  • Fully autonomous lowest power wake-on-radio mode (500nA)
  • Packet RX/TX without microcontroller intervention
  • Arbitrarily configurable protocols e.g. HDLC or Wireless M-Bus (S, R, T)


  • Carrier frequency range 70 - 1050 MHz
  • Frequency step 1 Hz
  • Data rate RX&TX 1-115.2 kpbs
  • TCXO/XTAL typical frequency 16 MHz
  • RSSI step 0.1 dB
  • Channel filter bandwidth 1 - 220 kHz

RX @ 868 MHz, 1.2 kbps, FSK, channel 6.25 kHz

  • Sensitivity (BER = 10-3) -126 dBm
  • Adjacent channel rejection 43 dB
  • RSSI range -126 ... -36 dB

TX @ 868 MHz, 1.2 kbps, FSK, channel 6.25 kHz

  • Output power programmable range -10 ... 16 dBm
  • Output power programming step 0.5 dB
  • Adjacent channel power -50 dBc
  • Output power dependence on VDD and temperature < +/- 0.5 dB


  • Supply voltage range 1.8 ... 3.6 V
  • Operating temperature range -40 - 85 oC
  • RX current @ 868 MHz 9.5 mA
  • RX current @ 169 MHz 6.5 mA
  • TX current @ 868 MHz, 16 dBm, FSK 51 mA
  • TX current @ 868 MHz, 10 dBm, FSK 21 mA
  • TX current @ 868 MHz, 0 dBm, FSK 7.5 mA


  • Wireless M-Bus S/T 868 MHz
  • Wireless M-Bus 169 MHz
  • EN 300 220 wide band
  • EN 300 220 narrow band
  • FCC Part 15.249
  • FCC Part 90 25 kHz
  • FCC Part 90 12.5 kHz
  • FCC Part 90 6.25 kHz
  • ARIB STD T-67

Axsem Product Selector

Part No. Description Pack Size
AX5043-1-TA05 RF Tx/Rx IC, 70 - 1050MHz narrow-band, ultra low power, 28-pin QFN, 5mm x 5mm Reel of 500
AX5043-1-TW30 RF Tx/Rx IC, 70 - 1050MHz narrow-band, ultra low power, 28-pin QFN, 5mm x 5mm Reel of 3000
Development Kits

Development kit for evaluating and developing applications using ON Semiconductor's family of high performance RF devices and microcontrollers.


  • 2 Main boards
  • Debug adapter
  • Debug cable
  • USB cable
  • Batteries
  • Documentation

* One of the Add-On Module Kits below must be ordered at the same time. The Base Kit is not supplied with any RF transceivers.

Add-On Module Kits for DVK-BASE-2-GEVK
ADD5043-169-2-GEVK Pack containing 2 x AX5043-169 modules for the DVK-BASE-2-GEVK Each
ADD5043-433-2-GEVK Pack containing 2 x AX5043-433 modules for the DVK-BASE-2-GEVK Each
ADD5043-868-2-GEVK Pack containing 2 x AX5043-868 modules for the DVK-BASE-2-GEVK Each

Development kit comes with productivity enhancing complete development tool suite

AX5043 is supported by the DVK-BASE-2-GEVK development kit. This is a complete and flexible ready-to-go solution for easy testing, evaluation and development with AXSEM RF ICs. It is suited for real performance tests using professional lab equipment, as well as for application code development.

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