AX5042 - Narrow-band, Low Power RF Transceiver IC

The AX5042 is a narrow-band single chip solution, low power RF transceiver for the 433/868/915MHz bands.

Narrow-band RF transceiver

The AX5042 is a narrow-band single chip, low power RF-transceiver for the 433/868/915MHz bands. It is typically used for long distances up to 10km. Fully scaling narrow-band channel filtering down to 4.8 kHz differentiate this chip from the AXSEM general purpose line of transceivers. The receiver sensitivities are -121dBm for 1.2 kbps FSK operation at 868MHz, -123dBm for 1.2kbps FSK operation at 433MHz, and -106dBm for 100kbps FSK. These sensitivities can be improved by using the forward error correction feature. Together with an output power of up to 10dBm for 868MHz operation or 13dBm at 433MHz operation this allows to build a system with an attractive link budget.
Though a TCXO is recommended for operation at bandwidths below 40kHz, the AX5042 can also be operated with a normal XTAL if the necessary precautions are taken into account.

Advanced receiver, transmitter and radio controller

The AX5042 supports FSK, MSK, GFSK, GMSK, PSK and ASK modulations. In transmit mode all modulations are shaped. The AX5042 features an easy to use protocol implemented in hardware. This guarantees shortest code size and lowest CPU usage of a microcontroller. CRC's are calculated automatically both in RX and TX. Digital spread spectrum is possible on all modulations. External components are only a crystal or a TCXO, an antenna and a few passive components. All parameters of the AX5042 including modulation, frequency, deviation and output power can be programmed via a SPI interface. Systems built with the AX5042 provide cost-efficient, longest range bi-directional communication links.

Key Features:

  • RX sensitivities at 868MHz
    -121dBm for 1.2kbps FSK
    -104dBm for 100kbps FSK
  • RX sensitivities at 433MHz
    -123dBm for 1.2kbps FSK
    -106dBm for 100kbps FSK
  • TX and RX data rates
    1-250kbps for FSK
    600kbps for ASK/PSK
  • All modulations shaped


  • Carrier frequency range 400 - 470MHz and 800 - 940MHz
  • Frequency step 1 Hz
  • Data rate RX&TX FSK 1-250kbps
  • Data rate RX&TX PSK 10 - 600kbps
  • Data rate RX6TX ASK 1 - 600kbps
  • TCXO/XTAL typical frequency 16MHz
  • RSSI step 0.1dB
  • Channel filter bandwidth 4.8 - 600kHz

RX @ 868MHz, 1.2kbps, FSK, h=0.5

  • Sensitivity (BER = 10-3) -121dBm
  • RSSI range -121 ... -41dB

RX @ 868MHz, 10 kbps, FSK, h=0.5

  • Sensitivity (BER = 10-3) -114dBm
  • RSSI range -114 ... -34dB

TX @ 868MHz, 1.2kbps, FSK, channel 6.25kHz

  • Output power programmable range -10 ... 10dBm


  • Supply voltage range 2.3 ... 2.8V
  • Operating temperature range -40 - 85oC
  • RX current @ 868MHz 21mA
  • TX current @ 868MHz, 10dBm 36mA


  • FCC Part 15.247
  • FCC Part 15.249
  • FCC Part 90 25 kHz
  • FCC Part 90 12.5 kHz
  • EN 300 220 wide band
  • 802.15.4
  • ARIB STD T-67

Axsem Product Selector

Part No. Description Pack Size
AX5042-1-TA05 RF Tx/Rx IC, 400 - 470MHz and 800 - 940MHz narrow-band, low power, 28-pin QFN, 5mm x 5mm Reel of 500
AX5042-1-TW30 RF Tx/Rx IC, 400 - 470MHz and 800 - 940MHz narrow-band, low power, 28-pin QFN, 5mm x 5mm Reel of 3000
Development Kits

Development kit for evaluating and developing applications using ON Semiconductor's family of high performance RF devices and microcontrollers.


  • 2 Main boards
  • Debug adapter
  • Debug cable
  • USB cable
  • Batteries
  • Documentation

* The Add-On Module Kit below must be ordered at the same time. The Base Kit is not supplied with any RF transceivers.

Add-On Module Kits for DVK-BASE-2-GEVK

Pack containing 2 x AX5043-868 modules for the DVK-BASE-2-GEVK

* There is no 5042 module, the 5043 module is recommended for evaluation purposes


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