NC0400/1000/2400 - Scaleable ultra low power wireless mesh networking solutions

The NC series of modules create a complete, autonomous and self-containing wireless mesh-network, targeting sensor type applications.

NeoMesh Protocol

The patented Wireless Mesh Networking Protocol replaces the central Network Manager with autonomous intelligent nodes. This key feature enables all network nodes to link to each other forming one single network that simply works, no matter how big it gets.
The patented routing mechanism routes data seamlessly through the network and eliminates any concern in performance created by obstacles in the RF path, nodes being blocked or simply moving around within the network. Weak spots in a real life network can easily be fixed by just adding another node. Given it has the right network ID, it automatically becomes a part of the network.

NeoMesh Modules

All nodes in NeoCortec's system are equal. The protocol stack allows for up to 65K nodes in one network.

Each node can generate and transmit data. Furthermore, it is possible to assign up to 127 nodes to receive data a well. And maybe most important, all nodes consume roughly the same amount of energy, allowing each network node to run for years.

NeoCortec offer some of the world's smallest modules for wireless ad hoc mesh networking  (11 x 18 x 2.5 mm). They come pre-certified to meet CE and FCC requirements and are easy to integrate into the final application. Just add a sensor and an antenna, and you are ready to go.

The modules are available in four frequency bands: 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz, and 2.4 GHz.

NeoMesh Security and Reliability Features

The NeoMesh technology has security and reliability features built into the core of the protocol stack. To make sure payload data or network communication in general can't be monitored by an untrusted entity, all wireless communication between the nodes is encrypted using AES128. To prevent playback attacks, each payload data exchange between a source node and a sink node is protected with a challenge-response mechanism that will make it impossible to simply record a previous transmission, and re-transmit it again. This happens without adding transmission latency.

In addition to the security features, there are a number of features which helps to increase the reliability of the data transmission: Local ACK/NACK ensures that when the payload data travels from one node to the next, the sending node gets notified whether the transmission was successful or not. End-to-end ACK/NACK ensures that once the payload data has been delivered at the sink node, an acknowledgement package is routed back to the source node. This acknowledgement is delivered at the application layer. Alternatively, if the payload data did not reach its destination before the user programmable timeout period has been reached, a non-acknowledge will be generated by the protocol stack and delivered at the application layer. All this happens "under the hood", and the application layer does not need to worry about it.

To fight radio noise - be it noise in general or communication signals from other technologies operating in the same unlicensed frequency band - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum is used to spread the transmission evenly in the frequency band. Each node has its own randomly selected hopping scheme, which means that it will transmit on a new channel each time it transmits.

Module range

Module Features
  • 433MHz band
  • Node to node link budget: 105dB
  • CE pre approved
  • SW Configurable for either 868MHz SRD Band (EU) or 915MHz ISM Band (US)
  • Node to node link budget: 103dB
  • CE FCC IC pre approved
  • Global usage in 2.4 GHz ISM band
  • Node to node link budget: 83dB
  • CE FCC IC pre approved

General Module Features

  • Integrated NeoMesh communication protocol, allowing stand-alone mesh networking capabilities. No requirements for external host controller to initiate or maintain the network.
  • On-board configurable application for sampling and transmitting sensor values either analog or digital.
  • Simple UART interface for optional external Application Processor (micro controller).
  • Ultra compact form factor. 11 x 18 x 3 mm.
  • Modular pre-approval for major markets.

For sales and technical development support from our in-house engineering team, please contact the Alpha Micro team.

  • Smart metering
  • Industrial automation
  • Facility management
  • Logistics
  • Smart cities
  • Agriculture
  • Smart homes
  • Distributed energy resources
Module Frequency Band Pack Size
NC0400 433MHz Trays of 100 modules or tape & reel
NC1000 868/915MHz Trays of 100 modules or tape & reel
NC2400 2.4GHz Trays of 100 modules or tape & reel
NC0400/NC1000/NC2400 Evaluation Kit The evaluation kit comes with a USB stick which includes PC tools for sending and receiving payload data through the wireless mesh network, and for configuring and updating the software inside the module. The evaluation kit contains 5 pcs of evaluation boards which has the NCxxxx (specify module choice) modules installed. Each

AlphaMicro_NeoCortec_NCxxxx Evaluation Kit_02_300px

To get you started evaluating the NeoCortec Wireless Mesh Networking Protocol, NeoCortec have designed an evaluation kit which will take you through a few easy steps to start sending payload data from one PC to another through the NeoCortec network.

Once the basic steps has been completed, you can start building your own application.The evaluation board has been designed in such a way that you can easy interface to your favourite host controller:

  • USB link to a PC with 2 virtual COM ports. An Application Port to be used for sending and receiving payload data. An System Port to be used for configuring the configuration parameters as well as uploading new software releases should they become available.
  • Arduino® & Raspberry Pi® Open Source microcontroller systems can be connected directly to the evaluation board through the dedicated connecters on the board.
  • A set of "standard" footprints for microcontrollers such as PIC or MSP430 allows you to prototype an actual design with a microcontroller - without having to make custom hardware.

The evaluation kit comes with a USB stick which includes PC tools for sending and receiving payload data through the wireless mesh network, and for configuring and updating the software inside the module. The evaluation kit contains 5 pcs of evaluation boards which have the NCxxxx modules (specify module choice when ordering) installed.

AlphaMicro_NeoCortec_NCxxxx Evaluation Kit_03_300px

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Last updated: 14 June 2017