eRIC ISM/LPWAN Modules - Interchangeable easyRadio, Sigfox & LoRa modules

The eRIC (easyRadio Integrated Controller) series from LPRS (Low Power Radio Solutions) is a family of low power, license-free radio modules with a common form factor.

The eRIC series from LPRS is a family of low power, license-free radio modules with a common form factor. Benefiting from the same pin-out and surface mount layout, eRIC enables engineers to design once and benefit from the interchangeable integration of easyRadio, Sigfox and LoRa™ technologies. With compact dimensions of 20 x 15 x 2.2mm, eRIC modules are designed for Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) & ISM (Industrial, Scientific & Medical) radio applications requiring reliable and secure wireless communications.

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Category Feature Specification
Wireless Types eROS Point-to-Point eRIC4 (433MHz - Europe)
eROS Point-to-Point eRIC9 (868MHz - Europe/915MHz - USA)
Sigfox Network eRIC-SIGFOX (868MHz - Europe)
LoRa Point-to-Point eRIC-LoRa (868MHz - Europe)
LoRaWAN Network eRIC-LoRaWAN (868MHz - Europe)
Electrical Supply voltage 2.5V - 5.0V
Tx current @ +10dBm 32mA
Rx current 15mA
Sleep current 1.8µA
Max. output power Up to +20dBm
Radio Receive sensitivity -126dBm (Sigfox) ~ -109dBm (eROS)
Physical Size 20mm x 15mm x 2.2mm
Weight 1.5g
Environmental Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
Regulatory Approvals FCC / IC / CE / RED
Device Package Frequency Technology Antenna
eRIC4 SMD 433MHz eROS u.FL & pad
eRIC9 SMD 868/915MHz eROS u.FL & pad
eRIC-SIGFOX SMD 868MHz Sigfox u.FL & pad
eRIC-LoRa SMD 868MHz

LoRa (P2P)


u.fl & pad

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Last updated: 15 August 2017