eRA400TS / eRA900TS - 433/868/915MHz modules with RF transmitter, microcontroller and voltage regulator.

easyRadio Advanced (ERA) modules extend on the simplicity of previous easyRadio (02) modules by incorporating innovative features, including the ability to change the bandwidth of the radio from 150 KHz down to 12.5 KHz. This means narrow-band performance on a wide-band budget!

Class leading features of the eRA 433/868/915MHz Transmitter modules include:

  • Bandwidth adjustment allowing the designer to optimize the balance between data rate and distance by changing the channel separation from 150 KHz channels down to 12.5 KHz.
  • Bandplan adjustment ensuring that any frequency can be selected to choose a channel range unique to your product, or to match specific country standards. Precise frequencies can be selected to be compatible with other radios.
  • Supply, ground and UART connections are all that's required for a robust link. Power up, connect and go!
  • No need for preamble, byte counts, or checksums reducing the data packets and ensuring only the data you need is transmitted.
  • An easy command system for total control of every part of the radio: Channels, Power, Data Rates, Encryption.
  • Simple physical connections that can be designed quickly and effectively into the simplest of circuits..
  • Temporary channel/power level selection: This new command allows the user to scan other channels at any point without storing the settings in internal EEPROM, therefore extending the life of the EEPROM through a reduction of repetitive modifications.
  • Free flash firmware upgrades. Using the tools from LPRS, new updates and features can be quickly programmed making easyRadio Advanced a truly future proof solution. Custom firmware can also be offered. (Contact us for details)
  • Back compatibility with 02 modules is enabled through a range of user configurable settings.
  • Temperature compensation and crystal controlled synthesiser for frequency accuracy less than +/- 1KHz over the full temperature range
  • Temperature sensor usable by host

Basic Specifications

Transmitter - 32mA (Max)

User Programmable
Frequency - Up to 132 channels
Bandwidth -150 KHz to 12.5 KHz
RS232 Data Rate - 2.4 - 115.2 Kbps

Output Power
Up to 10dBm
10mW @ 434MHz
5mW @ 869.85MHz
1mW @ 915MHz
  • Smart lighting and heating
  • Home automation
  • Remote sensors
  • Security
Part No. Description Pack Size
eRATS400 UK/European Transmitter Module on 433 MHz
eRA900TS Europe/US Transmitter Module 869/915MHZ

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Last updated: 29 July 2014