eRA400TRS / eRA900TRS - 402-470MHz & 804-940MHz modules with RF transceiver, microcontroller and voltage regulator.

easyRadio Advanced (eRA) modules extend on the simplicity of previous easyRadio (02) modules by remaining true to the original brief of "reducing time to market by removing the complexity associated with the radio software development interface".

The easyRadio Transceiver is a complete sub-system that combines a high performance very low power RF transceiver, a microcontroller and a voltage regulator.

The Serial Data Input and Serial Data Output operate at the standard 19,200 Baud and the two handshake lines provide optional flow control to and from the host. The easyRadio Transceiver can accept and transmit up to 180 bytes of data, which it buffers internally before transmitting in an efficient over-air code format.

Any other easyRadio Transceiver within range and on the same channel that 'hears' the transmission will decode the message and place the recovered data within a receive buffer that can then be downloaded to the receiving host for processing and interpretation. Radio transmission and reception is bi-directional (half duplex) i.e. transmit OR receive but not simultaneously.

Other innovative features on the easyRadio Advanced transmitters and transceivers are:

  • The ability to change the bandwidth of the radio from 150KHz down to 12.5KHz, which means narrow-band performance on a wide-band budget
  • User configurable self-coding system enables interfacing to other raw data modules in both FSK (FM) and ASK (AM) modulation
  • Free flash firmware upgrade tools from LPRS, mean new updates/features can be quickly programmed by your engineer making a truly future proof solution.
  • Designed with back compatible pin configuration, current easyRadio 02 users can easily upgrade to easyRadio Advanced versions with a minimum of fuss.

Basic Specifications

High sensitivity receiver
-117dBm @ 2.4 Kbps
-112dBm @ 4.8 Kbps
-107dBm @ 19.2 Kbps

Receiver- 21mA (Max)
Transmitter-    32mA (Max)
User Programmable
Frequency - Up to 132 channels
Bandwidth - 150 KHz to 12.5 KHz
RS232 Data Rate - 2.4 - 115.2 Kbps
Output Power
Up to 10dBm
10mW @ 434MHz
5mW @ 869.85MHz
1mW @ 915MHz
  • Smart lighting and heating
  • Home automation
  • Remote sensors
  • Security
Part No. Description Pack Size
eRATRS400 UK/European Transceiver Module on 433 MHz
eRA900TRS Europe/US Transceiver Module 869/915MHZ

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Last updated: 29 July 2014