PremierWave SE1000 - Embedded Linux Ethernet based System on Module for IoT applications

The Lantronix® PremierWave® SE1000 is a high performance programmable, Ethernet based System on Module (SOM) that enables OEM customers to easily develop and deploy secure IoT applications.

PremierWave SE1000 family of devices are small form factor SOM which are easy to integrate into your product design via the 80-pin board to board connector. With a comprehensive set of peripheral interfaces, Lantronix smart connectivity software, and SDK/runtime tools you can build and deploy your custom IoT product both easily and rapidly.

All PremierWave® SE1000 family of System-On-Modules come preloaded with Full Embedded Linux and U-Boot making it simple and easy to add custom software and applications. Full source code of the Linux BSP is provided, along with a Linux cross-development environment. The PremierWave SE1000 can use GNU C/C++ tool chain for Linux and Windows or similar and supports third-party SDK.

With an unmatched portfolio of security technologies, PremierWave SE1000 goes far beyond compliance as it ensures data integrity and privacy for highly sensitive applications such as financial and medical applications.

  • End-to-end SSL TLS and SSH tunneling
  • FIPS 140-2*

The PremierWave SE1000 is a high performance 400MHz ARM9 processor with up to 64Mbyte of SDRAM and up to 256Mbyte of NAND Flash. To satisfy the most sophisticated of applications. Included is a rich choice of interfaces; two serial interfaces (up to 921 kbps), USB 2.0 Full speed Host/Device Port, SPI and I2C interfaces.


  • Powerful applications customization platform with a high-performance 32‐bit ARM 9 Processor
  • 64MB and 256MB Flash options available
  • Small form factor measuring 55mm x 30mm
  • Robust set of interfaces that include Ethernet, Serial, USB, I2C, and SPI
  • Linux Operating System with IPv6 Support
  • Low power consumption modes
  • Includes full TCP/IP stack and web server
  • Security and authentication protocols
  • Lantronix Robust and Hardened Advanced Applications Suite includes
    • Tunneling
    • Secure Tunneling
    • Configuration Manager
    • Web‐based Configuration Manager


PremierWave SE1000 Key Features

  • Architecture: 32-bit processor (ARM 9 Core) with Linux
  • Network Interface: Ethernet 802.3
  • Selectable Dual Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz or 5GHz
  • Management, Configuration and Encryption suite
  • Serial Interface: Serial (UAR T, RS -232, RS -485), USB, SPI, I2C

PremierWave SDK

  • SDK developed by Timesys®, a leading embedded Linux solutions provider
  • Empowers developers with greater control over product development
  • Offers unmatched flexibility
  • Provides successful build and maintenance of the Linux platform, toolsets and applications specific to project requirements
  • More than 1,000 Open Source packages available

Serial Interface

  • Two Serial Ports, up to 921 Kbps
  • Full Speed USB 2.0 (host and device)
  • High Speed SPI (Master/Slave)
  • Interface: CMOS (Asynchronous) 3.3V-level signals
  • Serial Line Formats: 7 or 8 data bits, 1-2 Stop bits
  • Parity: odd, even, none
  • Modem Control: DTR, DCD
  • Flow Control: XON/XOFF (software), CTS/RTS (hardware), none

Network Interface

  • Interface: Ethernet 10/100
  • Ethernet Protocols Supported: ARP, UDP, TCP, Telnet, ICMP, SNMP, v2C, DHCP, BOOTP, Auto IP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, TFTP

Management & Configuration

  • Serial login
  • Telnet login
  • Internal WebManager (SSL Option for secure login)
  • XML Configuration Records via CLI or FTP
  • Windows-based DeviceInstaller software
  • Firmware: Upgradeable via FTP, Web, Serial Port


  • SSL Client & Server, Selectable 128/256/512/768/1024 Bit Certificates
  • SSH Client, 8 Server Selectable 128/256/512/768/1024 Bit Public/Private Key support
  • TLS
  • ENCRYPTION: AES, 3DES and RC4 Encryption for SSH & SSL
  • Lantronix end-to-end AES 128 Bit Encryption

Internal Web Server

  • CGI with AJAX support


  • CPU, Memory: Lantronix 32-bit ARM9 based processor, 400Mhz (440 MIPS) 9 GPIO
  • Firmware: 64 MB SDRAM, 64 MB Flash (Factory default). Flash wear leveling and erase cycle statistics


  • Operating range: -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)
  • Storage range: -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)


  • Dimensions: 30 x 55 x 6.3 mm (1.18 x 2.16 x .0.25 in)
  • Weight: 8.5g

Included Software

  • Windows® 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista based DeviceInstaller™ configuration software and  Com Port Redirector™, web manager

  • Secure Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Energy
  • Industrial Control and Remote Monitoring
  • Building Automation
  • Security
  • Transportation monitoring
Part Number Description Pack Size
PremierWave SE1000 Embedded System-on-Module, Ethernet 10/100, IPv6, Linux OS, ARM9 processor, 64MB Flash, 55 x 30 x 6.3mm, 80-pin board-board connector,RoHS. Bulk part.
Box of 10
PremierWave SE1000 Embedded System-on-Module, Ethernet 10/100, IPv6, Linux OS, ARM9 processor, 256MB Flash, 55 x 30 x 6.3mm, 80-pin board-board connector, RoHS. Bulk part.
Box of 10
PremierWave SE1000 Embedded System-on-Module, Ethernet 10/100, IPv6, Linux OS, ARM9 processor, 256MB Flash, 55 x 30 x 6.3mm, 80-pin board-board connector, RoHS. Sample part.
PremierWave no module Development Kit
- Sample must be purchased.
- Evaluation Board, Power Supply, RS-232 Cable, Cat 5e Cable, USB Cable (A-B)
- Licensing for Timesys SDK sold separately
PremierWave no module Evaluation Board
- Sample must be purchased.
- Includes power supply module.

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Last updated: 29 August 2017