MACH10 - IoT platform

Multi-dimensional IoT application development and deployment platform that simplifies the process for OEMs to deliver web-scale applications

IoT application development and deployment simplified

Developing, operating and maintaining web-scale IoT applications for industrial IoT devices is complex and can consume substantial resources. MACH10 simplifies this complexity and is perfect for OEMs who want to:

  • Focus more of their product development efforts on their core competency and leveraging their business logic
  • Jumpstart their application development efforts by leveraging a sophisticated set of microservices built on industry standard protocols
  • Eliminate the frustration of working with IoT platforms that provide limited functionality or force them to forego their existing software investment
  • Deepen engagement with core stakeholders and deliver a better post-deployment machine experience by leveraging the potential of the IoT

Jumpstart Web-scale IoT application development with pre-tested building blocks

Utilizing APIs built on industry-standard protocols, MACH10's suite of essential micro services feature pre-tested software building blocks which enable OEMs to develop new web-scale applications faster.

Ready-to-use management applications accelerate OEM Time-to-market

MACH10's extensible, ready-to-use applications deliver fully functional, robust management applications that can be deployed immediately out of the box for fast time to market.

Multi-dimensional functionality for real-world IoT deployments

MACH10 allows OEMs to deliver custom portals that are tailored to different stakeholders' needs and multiple user hierarchies. MACH10 has flexible deployment options with on-premise and/or public cloud implementation.

Pre-tested on Lantronix IoT Gateways and easy to integrate with your existing products as well

MACH10 is pre-tested on Lantronix IoT embedded and external device gateways for fastest time to market or can be used with an OEM's existing hardware platform.

If you would like to discuss MACH10 further, please contact the Alpha Micro team.

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Last updated: 20 March 2018