EDS8PS / EDS16PS - Hybrid Ethernet Terminal and Multiport Device Servers

Hybrid Ethernet terminal/multiport device servers.

The EDS8PS and EDS16PS are unique, hybrid Ethernet terminal/multiport device servers which allow remote access to and management of virtually any IT/networking equipment or edge device like medical equipment, POS terminals or security equipment.

Featuring Lantronix' powerful Evolution OS®, EDS delivers an unprecedented level of intelligence and safety. With AES, SSH and SSL built in, EDS provides enterprise-level security allowing safe remote access and management from practically anywhere.

With no special software required, setup is a breeze with our Windows-based DeviceInstaller™, which can be used locally or remotely using Telnet, a web browser or XML.

Evolution OS provides 'data-center grade' protection so each networked device carries the same level of security as corporate data center equipment and provides robust defenses to hostile Internet attacks.

A "Cisco-like" command line interface (CLI) simplifies configuration and control, making it easier to integrate edge devices or data center equipment into the network.

Included, Lantronix' proprietary Com Port Redirector™ virtualization software allows existing applications to work with the EDS with no code modifications.


  • Quickly connect any device with a serial port to the network using robust SSH or SSL enterprise-level security
  • Easily customize and enhance the EDS for your unique application with Evolution OS
  • Simple device set-up, configuration and monitoring with powerful, industry-standard management tools (Web, CLI, XML, SNMP)
  • Sleek design (with desktop or wall-mount capability) appropriate for installation in medical or other high visibility applications

For sales and technical development support from our in-house engineering team, please contact the Alpha Micro team.

Serial Interface

  • Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX (auto sensing and hard-coded, auto crossover)
  • Interface: Software selectable RJ45 serial ports with customizable baud rate support for non-standard serial speeds
  • Data Rates: Software selectable standard baud rates from 300 to 230 K Baud
  • Connectors: 8 or 16 RJ45 serial ports depending upon model
  • Characters: 7 or 8 data bits
  • Parity: Odd, even, none
  • Stop Bits: 1 or 2
  • Modem Control Signals: CTS, RTS, DTR, DCD
  • Flow Control: XON/XOFF (software), CTS/RTS (hardware), None

Network Interface

  • Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX (auto sensing and hard-coded, auto crossover)
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Standards: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TFTP, Telnet, TCP, UDP, LPD, XML, DHCP, SSHv2, SSLv3, SNMPv2, AutoIP, RSS, ARP, ICMP, SYSLOG, AES, SMTP, DNS, BOOTP, Traceroute

Indicators (LED)

  • 10Base-T and 100Base-TX Link
  • Ethernet Activity
  • Serial Transmit Data
  • Serial Receive Data
  • Power
  • Diagnostics


  • CPU: Intel XScale IXP420 Network Processor running at 266MHz
    • 32k Instruction Cache
    • 32k Data Cache
  • Memory:
    • 64 MB SDRAM
    • 8 MB Flash
    • 2 KB EEPROM


  • Internal web server, SNMP v2 (MIBII,RS232MIB), Serial login, Telnet login, XML
  • Firmware: Upgradeable via the Web Manager, TFTP, FTP or Serial Port
  • Internal Web Server: Serves static and dynamic CGI-based pages and applets
  • Storage capacity: 6 MB using industry-standard file system


  • 100-240VAC, 50 to 60 Hz IEC-type cord
  • 20 Watts

Mounting Options

  • For mounting to existing wall brackets or hardware, mounting holes located on bottom of the EDSPS-S-mounting screws included


  • Operating: 0° to +55°C (32° to 131°F)
  • Storage: -40° to 70°C (-40 to 151°F)
  • Relative Humidity: 5 to 95%, non-condensing


  • Case: Plastic enclosure
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):
    • EDS8PS: 12.8 x 22.7 x 4.3 cm (5.02 x 8.92 x 1.7 in.)
    • EDS16PS: 12.8 x 22.7 x 6 cm (5.02 x 8.92 x 2.36 in.)
  • Weight:
    • EDS8PS: .499 Kg (1.1 lbs)
    • EDS16PS: .616 Kg (1.36 lbs)

Shipping Dimensions

  • Dimensions (LxWxH):
    • EDS8PS: 27.6 x 21.6 x 9.5 cm (10.88 x 8.5 x 3.75 in.)
    • EDS16PS: 27.6 x 21.6 x 9.5 cm (10.88 x 8.5 x 3.75 in.)
  • Weight: 4.5 kg (10 lbs) maximum, depending on options

Included Software

  • Windows® 98/ME/NT/2000/XP-based DeviceInstaller™ configuration software, Com Port Redirector™ software and related utilities

Product Label Markings

  • FCC Part 15 Statement Class A Device, ICES- 003 Class A Device, C-Tick, VCCI, CE Marking, UL-CUL Mark, TUV-GS Mark, RoHS


  • Ethernet: Version 2.0/IEEE 802.3 (electrical)
  • Ethernet II frame type

Safety Standards

  • UL 60950-1, CSA-22.2 No. 60950-1-03, EN60950-1, CB Report - IEC 60950-1


  • SSL v3, SSH v2
  • MD5, SHA-1
  • Rijndael/AES 128-bit encryption
  • 3DES encryption
  • ARC4 128-bit encryption
  • Password protection
  • IP address filtering
  • Hardened OS and stack


  • FCC CFR 47 Part 15 Subpart B, ICES-003 Issue 4, AS/NZS CISPR 22, VCCI V-3, EN55022, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN55024, EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6, EN61000-4-8, EN61000-4-11

Agency Approvals

  • UL/CUL, FCC, CE, TUV, C-Tick, GS, CB scheme, VCCI
  • Security systems
  • Access control panels
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Time & attendance devices
  • Biometrics
  • Medical equipment
  • Motion controllers
  • Test and measurement
  • Assembly line control
  • RFID and inventory control
  • POS systems
Part Number Description


EDS8PS multi-port, secure device server. 8-port, 100-240 VAC


EDS16PS multi-port, secure device server. 16-port, 100-240 VAC



RJ45 to DB25M cable adapter (DCE Device)


RJ45 to DB25F cable adapter (DCE Device)


RJ45 to DB9M cable adapter (DCE Device)


RJ45 to DB9F cable adapter (DCE Device)


RJ45 to DB9M cable adapter (DCE Device)


RJ45 to DB9F cable adapter (DCE Device)


RJ45 to DB25M cable adapter (DCE Device)


RJ45 to DB25F cable adapter (DCE Device)


Cable; RJ45 Loopback Adapter


Cable; rolled serial adapter, 0.1m (0.33 ft)


Cable; RJ45, 2 m (6.6 ft)


Cable; RJ45, 5 m (16.4 ft)


Cable; RJ45, 10 m (32.8 ft)


Cable; RJ45, 15 m (49.2 ft)

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