RM1xx - LoRa + Bluetooth v4.0 Enterprise IoT modules

The RM1xx series of modules offer a powerful, convenient solution for long-range Enterprise IoT (EIoT) deployments, combining Bluetooth® v4.0 with LoRaWAN™, the emerging standard in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN), into one module.

Laird RM1xx modules aggregate and transmit data from Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) devices and sensors over LoRa® to gateways as far as 15 km (~10 miles) away. This bridges the personal area network to the wide area network in a unique way. The RM1xx will be LoRa® Alliance certified and fully interoperable with any LoRaWAN™-adherent gateway.

Key features:

  • Designed for the EIoT - Innovative combination of BT™ v4.0 and LoRa® makes the RM1xx the bridge between Bluetooth Smart devices and a network that intelligently uses their data.
  • Ultra-low power usage schemes - Allows years of use on a single battery.
  • Laird's unique smartBASIC language - Makes it extremely easy to create event-driven, hostless applications.
  • Upgradable firmware - Prepare for the future with access to feature and security updates.
  • Compliant with FCC, CE regulations - Available as the RM186 (CE) or RM191 (FCC).

For sales and technical development support from our in-house engineering team, please contact the Alpha Micro team.

Specification LoRa® MAC Class A Specification
RF connector U.FL

RM186 (Europe): 863 - 870MHz

RM191 (USA): 902 - 928MHz

Max Tx power

RM186 (Europe): 14dBm ERP (2dBi dipole)

RM191 (USA): 15dBm ERP (2dBi dipole)

Receiver sensitivity Up to -135dBm
Modulation LoRa® - Chirp Spread Spectrum
Data rate

RM186 (Europe): 250bps - 50kbps

RM191 (USA): 980bps - 21.0kbps

Bluetooth Low Energy
Specification V4.0 - Bluetooth® Smart - Central Mode
Frequency 2.402 - 2.480GHz
Max Tx power +3dBm radiated (via on-board chip antenna)
Whisper Mode Tx power -55dBm
Link Budget 95dB (@1Mbps)
Raw data rates 1Mbps (over the air)
Services GATT Client Capability
Host Interfaces

14 lines: UART (4)

GPIO (14 max.)

SPI (3)

I²C (2)

ADC (4)

UART description

Tx, Rx, CTS, RTS lines

Default: 115200, N, 8, 1

Baud from 1,200 to 921,600bps

Control Protocols
Control Protocols Any that can be implemented using the on-board smartBASIC
AES 128 bit
Supply Voltage

1.8V - 3.6V

Internally regulated


Both modules:

Deep Sleep = <1µA

BLE Tx - 10.5mA @ full power


LoRa® Transmit - 48mA @ 15dBm

LoRa® + BLE Transmit - 58mA


LoRa® Transmit - 36mA @ 13.5dBm

LoRa® + BLE Transmit - 46mA

Dimensions 25.4mm x 25.4mm x 3.15mm
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
FCC/IC RM191 - Modular Approval: Part 15.247 & 15.249
CE RM186 - EN 300 220 & EN 300 328
LoRa™ Alliance LoRa™ Alliance Certified
Bluetooth® Bluetooth® SIG Listed - Declaration ID # D030952
Part No. Description Pack Size
RM186-SM Intelligent LoRa/BLE module (868MHz LoRa for Europe) featuring smartBASIC Tray of 40
RM191-SM Intelligent LoRa/BLE module (915MHz LoRa for USA/Canada) featuring smartBASIC Tray of 40
DVK-RM186-SM Development kit for RM186-SM LoRa/BLE module (868MHz LoRa for Europe) Each
DVK-RM191-SM Development kit for RM191-SM LoRa/BLE module (915MHz LoRa for USA/Canada) Each
QPK-nRF5x-01 Laird development board for FW upgrade of BL6xx and RM1xx series wireless modules. Includes: programming board, 1 x USB-A to USB micro cable & 1 x 10-pin flexi cable. REACH & RoHS. Each

The Laird DVK-RM1xx development kit provides a platform for rapid wireless connectivity prototyping, providing multiple options for the development of LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications.


The kit contains the following items:

Development board The development board has the required RM1xx module soldered onto it and exposes all the various hardware interfaces available
Power options
  • USB cable - Type A to micro type B. (The cable also provides serial communications via the FTDI USB - RS232 converter chip on the development board.)
  • DC barrel plug with clips for connection to external power supply (7-12V)
  • 3x AAA battery holder fitted on underside of development board
2 pin jumpers for pin headers x 5 Supplied 2 pin jumpers spares. The jumpers are for 2.54 mm pitch headers used on DVK-RM1xxV1 development board.
Fly lead x 6 Supplied to allow simple connection of any RM1xxmodule pin (available on Plated Though Holes on J28, J29, J1(J3, J4, J5, J9), J7, J8, J10, J13, J14) to any Arduino pin (available on Plated Though Holes on J15, J23, J16, J17, J20, J24, J21)
External LoRa® dipole antenna Externa multiband LoRa dipole antenna, 0.9dBi, 863-928MHz, (Laird part # 0600-00060)
Web link card Provides links to additional information including the RM1xx user manual, firmware, terminal utilities, schematics, quick start guides, and firmware release notes and much more.

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Last updated: 15 January 2018