DVK-BL652 - Development kit for BL652 BLE and NFC modules

Platform for rapid wireless connectivity prototyping, providing multiple options for the development of BLE and NFC applications.

The Laird DVK-BL652 development kit provides a platform for rapid wireless connectivity prototyping, providing multiple options for the development of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) plus Near Field Communication (NFC) applications.

The Laird BLE development kit is designed to support the rapid development of applications and software for the BL652 series of BLE modules featuring Laird's innovative event driven programming language - smartBASIC.

For sales and technical development support from our in-house engineering team, please contact the Alpha Micro team.

The kit contains:

Development board The development board has the required BL652 module soldered onto it and exposes all available hardware interfaces.
Power options
  • USB cable - Type A to micro type B. The cable also provides serial communications via the FTDI USB - RS232 converter chip on the development board.
  • DC barrel plug with clips for connection to external power supply (7-12Vdc)
  • 3x AAA battery holder fitted on underside of development board
  • Coin-cell holder (for powering BL652 module only, not the development board) fitted on underside of development board
Two-pin jumpers for pin headers (5) Five jumpers for 2.54 mm pitch headers used on DVK-BL652 development board.
Fly leads (6) Supplied to allow simple connection of any BL652 module pin (available on Plated Though Holes on J29, J40, J41, J44, and headers J5, J36 to any Arduino pin (available on Plated Though Holes on J15, J16, J22, J23)
External BLE dipole antenna External dipole antenna, 2 dBi, 2.4-2.5 GHz (Laird part #0600-00057) with integral RF coaxial cable with 100 mm length and IPEX-4 compatible RF connector.
NFC antenna Supplied with the DVK-BL652-SC development board only. Laird NFC flexi-PCB antenna.
Web link card

Provides links to additional information including the BL652 user guide, firmware, terminal utilities, schematics, quick start guides, firmware release notes and more.

Note: Sample smartBASIC applications are available to download from the Laird BL652 applications GitHub webpage

Part No.
Pack Sizes
DVK-BL652-SA Development kit for BL652-SA module Each
DVK-BL652-SC Development kit for BL652-SC module Each

Bluetooth BLE + NFC module - Integrated antenna

Reel of 1000

Bluetooth BLE + NFC Module - IPEX MHF4 antenna connector

Reel of 1000
QPK-nRF5x-01 Laird development board for FW upgrade of BL6xx and RM1xx series wireless modules. Includes: programming board, 1 x USB-A to USB micro cable & 1 x 10-pin flexi cable. Each

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Last updated: 14 May 2019