BTM431 - Bluetooth V2.0+EDR AT Data Modules

V2.0+EDR SMT Bluetooth modules with AT command interface, small form factor and on-board antenna.

BTM431 Bluetooth® modules from Laird have been designed to meet the needs of developers who wish to add robust, short range Bluetooth data connectivity to their products. They are based on the market leading Cambridge Silicon Radio BC04 chipset, providing exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding range.

With best of class, low-power operation, these modules are the ideal choice for applications where designers need both performance and minimum size. For maximum flexibility in systems integration, the modules are designed to support a separate power supply for I/O.

To aid product development and integration, Laird has integrated a complete Bluetooth protocol stack within the modules, including support for the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile. The modules are fully qualified as Bluetooth End Products, allowing designers to integrate them within their own products with no further Bluetooth Qualification. They can then list and promote their products on the Bluetooth website free of charge.

A comprehensive AT command or Multipoint Packet Protocol is included, which simplifies firmware integration. This ensures that the choice of Laird Bluetooth modules guarantees the fastest route to market.


  • Bluetooth v2.0+EDR
  • Adaptive frequency hopping to cope with interference from other wireless devices
  • On-board antenna option only
  • Comprehensive AT interface for simple programming
  • Multipoint Packet Protocol supporting up to 3 connections
  • Bluetooth End Product Qualified
  • Compact size
  • Class 2 output - 4 dBm
  • Low power operation
  • UART interface
  • PCM and SCO for external codec
  • GPIO lines under AT control
  • Wi-Fi co-existence

For sales and technical development support from our in-house engineering team, please contact the Alpha Micro team.

* BTM430 is End-of-Life. Last date for orders was 19 February 2016. There is no recommended alternative.

Feature Specification
Bluetooth Version 2.0+EDR
Frequency 2.402 - 2.480GHz
Max Tx Power

Class 2

+4 dBm (from integrated antenna - BTM431)

Rx Sensitivity Better than -84 dBm
Range Up to 30m
Data Rates Up to 2.1 Mbps (over the air)
UART Data Transfer Rate Greater than 300 Kbps
Host Interface
UART Supports CTS, RTS, DTR, DSR, DCD and RI
User Interface
GPIO 8 lines (shared)

SPP - Serial Port Profile

FTP Client

OBEX Client

HSP (partial)

HFP (partial)


Supply Voltage
Supply 3.0V to 3.3V
I/O 1.7V to 3.6V (independent of Vcc)
Power Consumption
Current Consumption

Less than 40 mA during SCO transmission

Idle (sleep) < 1 mA

Coexistence /Compatibility

802.11 (Wi-Fi) 2 wire and 3 wire schemes supported
Internal Antenna Multilayer ceramic - BTM431

AT Command Set

Multipoint Packet Protocol - up to 3 connections (throughput is limited in multipoint mode)


12.5 mm x 22.0mm x 3.4 mm (integrated antenna - BTM431)

Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Bluetooth End Product Approved

BTM431 - Full Modular Approval


Lead-free and RoHS compliant

  • Embedded devices
  • Phone accessories
  • Security devices
  • Medical and telehealth devices
  • Aftermarket automotive applications
  • Bluetooth advertising
  • ePOS
Partl No.
Pack Sizes

Bluetooth 2.0 AT Data Module (external antenna)

* BTM430 is End-of-Life. Last date for orders was 19 February 2016. There is no recommended alternative.


BTM431 Bluetooth 2.0 AT Data Module (with integrated antenna) Tray of 50
DVK-BTM431 Development board with BTM431 module soldered in place Each

Laird development boards to enable engineers to evaluate and test BTM431 modules before commencing PCB design and layout.

DVK-BTM431: Development board with BTM431 module soldered in place

Kit contents:

  • Development board with Bluetooth module soldered in place
  • Bluetooth USB adapter
  • USB cable for power and communications

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