FT81xQ Display Audio & Touch IC


The FT81xQ Embedded Video Engine (EVE) series provides increased pixel resolution, speed and larger memory capacity.

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FT260 HID class USB to UART / I2C Master IC


FT260 is an ideal bridge between USB and either UART or I2C peripherals for sensor or human interface peripheral applications.

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FTDI offer a wide range of products including integrated circuits, modules and cables for USB connectivity applications.

To better serve the range of markets it has developed products for, FTDI Chip has established a new distinct company, Bridgetek. Bridgetek will drive the further commercialisation of some of the innovative technologies introduced by FTDI in recent years. Bridgetek is devoted to two particular product areas; the multi-award winning Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphic controller ICs which enable engineers to implement more sophisticated human machine interface (HMI) systems, plus the unique and equally innovative performance-optimised microcontroller units (MCUs) with different connectivity options and industry-leading processing speeds.

Last updated: 30 January 2017