VDrive3 - Vinculum II based USB host/microcontroller module in an enclosure

The VDrive3 from FTDI is a development module with an enclosure, based on the Vinculum II USB host / microcontroller ICThis product provides an attractive solution for quick and easy integration of applications such as enabling access to USB memory stick / thumb drive devices.

Based on customer feedback, FTDI have now added the VDrive3-LD with a cover for protection in harsh environments.

VDrive3 is a USB host/microcontroller application module with an enclosure. The default firmware of the VDrive3 supports UART/SPI communications with the embedded USB host controller and USB host port. This product provides an attractive solution for quick and easy integration of applications with a USB flash disk or other USB client devices.

VDrive3 is designed to support quick and easy integration of a UART/SPI application with a USB client device. The VDrive3 comes in a neat enclosure displaying a bi-colour LED, making it suitable for incorporating into finished product designs. In addition, a product option, VDrive3-LD, is available that offers a lid to cover the USB port to provide protection in harsh environments.

The VDrive3 utilises FTDI's Vinculum-II (VNC2-48L1B) dual USB host controller IC. This IC is a microcontroller and USB host controller; it is reprogrammable using the UART interface or the Vinculum-II debugger module connecter. The default firmware is V2DAP; this firmware establishes the UART/SPI to USB host interface and can be modified or replaced with other firmware.

V2DAP is firmware that supports VinculumII to Vinculum backward compatibility. The Vinculum-II IDE and FTDI's expanding range of drivers allow for additional design flexibility (including Android interfacing).

Key Features:

  • Vinculum-II microcontroller/USB host controller IC.
  • Product available as shown or with a lid covering the USB port.
  • USB "A" type socket to connect to USB client devices.
  • 2mm (0.08") pitch 8 pin header used for the UART/SPI interface.
  • Connects directly and communicates with a FTDI TTL-232R-3V3-2mm USB-UART cable.
  • Jumper selectable UART and SPI interfaces, both operating at 3.3V TTL/CMOS.
  • Pre-programmed with V2DAP firmware
  • Vinculum-II debugger module port under neat enclosure, for changing the firmware.
  • UART programming mode control signals PROG# and RESET# are accessible via an internal header.
  • The VDrive3 and all components used are Pb-free (RoHS compliant).

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  • Applications requiring quick and easy integration for use with a USB flash disk or other USB client devices.
VDRIVE3 USB host application module with enclosure.
VDRIVE3-LD USB host application module with enclosure and protective lid over USB connector.

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Last updated: 17 August 2013