UMFT201XA - Development module based on the FT201XQ IC

The UMFT201XA Development Module is based on the FT201XQ chip and offers access to all of the FT201X pins.

The UMFT201XA development module is slightly larger than the UMFT201XB breakout module but offer access to all the FT-201X device pins. The module has a USB Mini-B connector and 0.1" pitch DIP pin for connecting the interface signals.

  • Small PCB assembly module designed to fit a standard 7.62mm (0.3") wide 16 pin DIP socket. Pins are on a 2.54mm (0.1") pitch.
  • On board USB "mini-B‟ socket allows module to be connected to a PC or USB host via a standard A to mini-B USB cable.
  • 16 pin DIP socket (0.3" wide and 0.1" pitch) included with the evaluation module package.
  • Functionally configurable using solder links. The default solder links setup enables the module to  function without peripheral wires or application board.Other configurations enable external power supply options and variation of logic reference levels.
  • Upgrading Legacy Peripherals to USB
  • Utilising USB to add system modularity
  • Incorporate USB interface to enable PC transfers for development system communication
  • Motherboard and system monitoring through USB
  • USB dongle implementations for Software/ Hardware Encryption and Wireless Modules
  • Interfacing MCU/PLD/FPGA based designs to add USB connectivity
  • USB Instrumentation
  • USB Industrial Control
  • USB Digital Camera Interface
  • Capable of detecting dedicated USB charger ports for charging batteries with high current
Part Number Description Pack Size
UMFT201XA-01 USB to I²C evaluation module. Pin length: 4.6mm
FT201XS-R 16-pin SSOP Single chip USB to I²C interface IC Reel of 3000
FT201XS-U 16-pin SSOP Single chip USB to I²C interface IC
Tube of 100
FT201XQ-R 16-pin QFN Single chip USB to I²C interface IC Reel of 5000
FT201XQ-T 16-pin QFN Single chip USB to I²C interface IC Tray of 490

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Last updated: 9 October 2012