UC232R-10 - Economy USB-Serial Converter Cable

The UC232R-10 is the economy version of FTDI's USB to RS232 converter cable range. It also serves as an evaluation cable for the FT232R.

The UC232-10 utilises the minimum number of components required for a basic USB - RS232 converter designed using the FT232RL. Using the FT232R chip combined with an RS232 level converter and a few capacitors, the UC232R-10 is a CE and FCC approved product which is one of the simplest USB - RS232 solutions around.

Using a standard DB9 connector and powered from the USB port, the UC232R-10 converter can be used with FTDI's VCP drivers to provide a COM port on a PC which is capable of communication rates with RS232 devices from 300 baud up to 230kBaud.

This version of the UC232R-10 is supplied with a nicely sculpted matte white plastic plastic enclosure fitted, which covers the electronics inside.  A 10cm USB cable is fitted.

The UC232R-10 is fully RoHS compliant and is supplied loose packed in an anti-static bag.

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  • USB Medical applications
  • Rapid USB integration into existing electronic systems
  • USB Industrial Control
  • Upgrading Legacy Peripherals to USB
UC232R-10 USB to RS232 converter with a 10cm cable and an enclosure. FCC and CE approved.
UC232R-10-NE USB to RS232 converter with a 10cm cable and no enclosure.

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Last updated: 22 August 2013