FT313H - High speed USB 2.0 embedded host controller IC

General purpose USB 2.0 Hi-Speed USB Host controller, for integration with microcontrollers via parallel bus options.

The FT313H is an enhanced general purpose USB 2.0 Hi-Speed USB Host controller designed for integration with microcontrollers via parallel bus options and offering battery charger emulation on the downstream port to support higher charging currents.


  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Host, EHCI compatible, single port IC
  • Supports multiple bus interfaces. 8-bit or 16-bit bus for GPIO, SRAM or NOR Flash
  • Support Bulk, Isochronous, Control and Interrupt transfers
  • Split transaction support for external USB hubs
  • Single power supply operation at 3.3V
  • 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V IO levels supported
  • 24kBytes high speed RAM memory
  • Battery Charger Emulation (BCD 1.2) to allow downstream devices to request higher currents
  • Extended operating temperature range : -40°C to 85°C.
  • Available in Pb-free QFN-64, LQFP-64 and TQFP-64 packages (RoHS compliant).

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  • Single chip USB2.0 Hi-Speed compatible.
  • Compatible to Enhanced Host Controller Interface Specification Rev 1.0.
  • The USB 1.1 host is integrated into the USB 2.0 EHCI compatible host controller.
  • Single USB host port.
  • Supports data transfer at high-speed (480M bit/s), full-speed (12M bit/s), and low-speed (1.5M bit/s).
  • Supports the Isochronous, Interrupt, Control, and Bulk transfers.
  • Supports the split transaction for high-speed Hub and the preamble transaction for full-speed Hub.
  • Supports multiple processor interfaces with 8-bit or 16-bit bus: SRAM, NOR Flash, and General multiplex.
  • Single configurable interrupt (INT) line for host controller.
  • Integrated 24kB high speed RAM memory.
  • Supports DMA operation.
  • Integrated Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) supports external 12MHz, 19.2MHz, and 24MHz crystal, and direct external clock source input.
  • Low power consumption for portable application.
  • Supports bus interface I/O voltage from 1.62V to 3.63V.
  • Supports hybrid power mode; VCC(3V3) is not present, VCC(I/O) is powered.
  • Internal voltage regulator supplies 1.2v to the digital core.
  • Supports Battery Charging Specification Rev 1.2.
  • The downstream port can be configured as SDP, CDP or DCP.
  • Supports VBUS power switching and over current control.
  • -40°C to 85°C extended operating temperature range.
  • Available in compact Pb-free 64 Pin QFN, LQFP and TQFP packages (all RoHS compliant).
  • Connect memory sticks for high performance data transfers
    • Set top box file play back
    • Digital photo frames
    • Firmware upgrades
    • Industrial system analysis
  • Enable a communication of a communication class device for system expansion and connectivity
    • Hosting RFID readers
    • Hosting Wi-Fi dongles
    • Hosting Zigbee dongles
  • Establish high speed data link between end-equipment subsystems
Part Number Description Pack Size
FT313HL-R 64-pin LQFP single chip high speed USB 2.0 Host controller IC Reel of 1,000
64-pin LQFP single chip high speed USB 2.0 Host controller IC
Tray of 160
64-pin TQFP single chip high speed USB 2.0 Host controller IC
Reel of 2,500
64-pin TQFP single chip high speed USB 2.0 Host controller IC
Tray of 250
FT313HQ-R 64-pin QFN single chip high speed USB 2.0 Host controller IC Reel of 3,000
FT313HQ-T 64-pin QFN single chip high speed USB 2.0 Host controller IC Tray of 260
UMFT313EV FT313H development module Each

Development Module

The UMFT313EV is a development module for FTDI's FT313H. The UMFT313EV is used to develop and demonstrate the functionality of the USB2.0 Hi-Speed Host Controller. This module can provide three kinds of asynchronous bus interface to connect with a microcontroller.



The UMFT313EV utilises the FTDI FT313H QFN package. All the features of the FT313H can be accessed with the UMFT313EV. For a full list of the FT313H's features please see the FT313H datasheet.In addition to the features listed in the FT313H datasheet, the UMFT313EV has the following features:

  • Standard USB-A receptacle allows module to be connected to USB devices
  • Supports self power or power from the microcontroller platform
  • Provides configuration switch for module system frequency selection and BCD mode configuration
  • Provides button for module hardware reset
  • On board 2x20 pins 2.54mm (0.1") pitch female headers allowing easy connection to microcontroller platforms
  • Provides probe header for customer debugging

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