AMC230GEL - 2G GSM/GPRS communications modem specifically for use with the Elster AS230 Smart electricity meter

GSM/GPRS Wireless Modem for Elster AS230 single phase meter

The Alpha Micro AMC230GEL is a 2G GSM/GPRS communications modem that has been designed specifically for use with the Elster AS230 Smart electricity meter for connection on most 2G cellular networks across the world.

The AMC230GEL smart modem forms part of the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) that allows meter data to be passed back to the utility company at regular intervals or upon request.

The AMC230GEL can be used as a simple CSD modem (Circuit Switched Dialling), over GSM for dial up modem connections, and where supported by the network provider, the AMC230GEL can support a fixed IP connection for packet data transfer using GPRS.

Using the AMC OTAP (Over the Air Programming) service the AMC230GEL smart modem supports remote downloads of firmware updates so that the device can be maintained remotely

Nominal Voltage 2‐wire 95V ‐ 240VNominal Frequency 50Hz +/‐ 5%Antenna GSM/GPRSFrequencyPeak GainVSWRPolarisationAzimuth beam‐widthInternally mounted Antenna880‐960MHz, 1710‐1990MHz+1 dBiLess than 2.5:1LinearOmni‐directionalExternal Antenna Connection by SMA connector Reinforced isolation to 3.75KVInterface AMC230 Physical Connection 12 pin connector (Rx, Tx)User interface Indication 3 LED's (Green, Amber, Red)Temperature,conditionsOperatingStorageHumidity‐10C to +70C‐40C to +85C0 to 95 rel humidity. non condensingPower consumption AMC230GEL <9VA, 1.4W @ 230VHousing Material Polycarbonate, flame retardant, selfextinguishing plastic, recyclableWeight AMC230GEL Modem <0.4kg (with internal antenna)

  • Remote Meter Reading

Model Number



GSM/GPRS wireless modem for Elster AS1440 3-phase meter.


GSM/GPRS wireless modem for Elster AS230 single-phase meter.


GSM/GPRS wireless modem for Elster AS1140 3-phase meter.


GSM/GPRS wireless modem for Elster AS1700 meter.

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